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  1. Bull6791

    Bull6791 New Member

    I am thinking about getting a foam gun. I wanted to know who makes the best foam gun. What brand would be the best to buy. Any info would be great.
  2. Buffalobob920

    Buffalobob920 New Member

    Hi I have Adams foam gun I think it's one of the best built sturdy and made in the USA
  3. Bull6791

    Bull6791 New Member

    I might get a Adam's Foam gun. I was looking at them and agree with you. Well made. Thanks.
  4. wely324

    wely324 New Member

    I recently received an Adam's foam gun in a mystery box. I don't have experience with any other foam guns, but for just using a garden hose hook up the foam is very good. I use it prior to washing every panel to soak it with suds for the sponge.

    With that being said it doesn't replace the foam cannon, and is i generally use a pressure washer I will probably sell the foam gun as I don't see myself using both.
  5. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    The Gilmour foam gun is probably the most popular one since many sell it or relabel it. It has a lot of settings to adjust mixture. It is around $50 to 60?

    I have a Griot's foam gun which was also available with the Adam's label. This is sold by Tractor Supply for washing horses!. This one is not really easy to adjust. You use 1 of 3 pickup nozzles to set dilution. It is inexpensive ..around $30.

    Adam's has a new as others have mentioned,
  6. Mk6_Patrick23

    Mk6_Patrick23 New Member

    I absolutely love my Adam's foam gun! I had a foam gun from chemical guys and it broke after 6 months, and I take care of my things! The Adam's Polishes one is well built and can definitely take a beating if needed to be! The amount of foam that comes out of it is amazing!
  7. Phoenixdetailing

    Phoenixdetailing New Member

    During the huge summer sale amazon has, I purchased the chemical guys torq foam gun. It has two adjustments which is very helpful. I believe I got it with a gallon of soap for $60. The portion that connects to a pressure washer is very high quality, so I am only concerned about the plastic bottle being a weak link.

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