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  1. Stang1989

    Stang1989 Virgin Detailer

    i have a few friends that want me to detail their cars... these are just regular honda accords and nissan altimas.. nothing fancy... i have a portacable DA polisher and some great mezerna polishes.. the problem is i dont want to waste this expensive stuff on my friends cheep cars and i dont want to have to cut and polish them all day. im looking for somthing thats going to get most of the imperfections out and bring back a shine and is cheep.... if has wax in it also that would be great...thanks gys
  2. wong05tsx

    wong05tsx DB Forum Supporter

    Optimum Poli-seal might be a good place to start for a quick one step.. knock it out in 2-3 hours. It won't provide much cut, but for a AIO it ain't too shabby. It serves as a nice finishing polish too .. so if you wanted to cut using your menzerna products and finish it off with the poliseal and not have to apply any other LSP to it
  3. dblackn

    dblackn Two Bucket System Washer

    I use Meg's d151 on friends with daily driver no garage cars or low budgets. Looks great, last long enough. Sometimes I'll follow with glantz wax if I have time.
  4. Meticulous-Detail

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    Megs D151 on a MF cutting disc is amazing for an AIO. Just make sure you don't wipe immediately, let up on pressure and speed for last pass and dry to haze. Protection is ok,sometimes I top with Collonite 845 depending on job.
  5. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    Megs D151 is nice, but it might be haze soft clears (like the ones on the cars you mentioned). I would use HD Speed or Optimum GPS.
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  6. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    You should try Auto Finesse Tripple all in one stuff works great. Here is a photo of it applied by hand.
  7. RZJZA80

    RZJZA80 Two Bucket System Washer

    Don't overlook Megs D301, I've done some really good one steps with it and was impressed with the results, and it's cheap, so it might fit your needs nicely.

    DJBAILEY Birth of a Detailer

    FisinishKare FK215 is an AIO with very good correction capability. It works great with rotary polishers, but I use it with green pads (the heavy polishing green) pads and my Makita BO6040 in forced rotation mode. Using the FK205 like this then a layer or two of FK1000P is what I normally do on minivans. I've gotten pretty surprising correction results when used on soft paint like Honda, Toyota, Nissan. This AIO also pulls a lot of dirt from the paint. Expect the pad to become quite dirty so clean it often.

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