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  1. Delgiorno12

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    I'm looking to see what you guys think is the best ceramic coating is out there, looking to get some and want to get the best for the price, so let me know your opinions: opti coat, cquartz finest, wolfs, gtechnic, 22ple? Lets hear it as thanks in advance!
  2. Delgiorno12

    Delgiorno12 Birth of a Detailer

  3. richy

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    Define best:
    Longest Lasting? Probably Opti Guard, not Coat.
    Best Looking? I haven't used it yet but will in the Spring, is CQuartz Finest. From people (Chad, etc) that have used both, they prefer the looks of CQF.
    Smoothest Feel? Probably Element 119.
    Easiest to Apply? Probably the one you spray on a mf and wipe on, followed by Element 119 which lasts longer than the other one.
  4. Delgiorno12

    Delgiorno12 Birth of a Detailer

    thank you, im looking for best looks but still one that protects well and longer than a regular wax or sealant. what is the element 119?
  5. detaildude3629

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    What is Element 119? not familier with the name?
  6. porta

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  7. bryansbestwax

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    Are you doing only your car or will this be used in a business? I have used 3 of them you have listed. Finest is probably the easiest to apply, followed by oc 2.0, then oc pro then C1. For finest you would have to have a business and offer it to customers, no a one shot deal. The same goes for oc pro. C1 was offered to professionals only but it think the geek offers it with lax rules.

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  8. RaskyR1

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    Bets is very subjective and each shines in their own way...

    Of those that I've used/tested (Opti-Coat Pro, CQuartz, C1, 22ple VX1 Pro, Cquartz Finest), I found CQuartz Finest to be my favorite in terms of looks and its hydrophobic properties. On my black test pans it darkened/richened the paint the most out of the three I applied (OC, 22ple, and QCF).

    I should have a sample of Modesta coming soon too...

    EDIT: I also have Wolf's Hard Body, which looked amazing as well and was stupid easy to use. I'm just seeing too many reviews of people saying it's not holding up past 8 months. For that reason I didn't include it in the above.
  9. Delgiorno12

    Delgiorno12 Birth of a Detailer

    for business use but will also throw on my car as well, thanks for the insight it helped a ton!

    thank you! let me know how the test goes! ill probably look into finest!
  10. supercharged

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    My body wrap is at 10 months mark and still going strong...Hard Body should last longer...hmmmm...
  11. Legacy99

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  12. RaskyR1

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    I have no personal experience with it on long term testing...just what I've seen from other users posts. ;)
  13. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    I am actually testing it on my personal, and recently applies hard body on my wife's car. So far so good. Sheeting action is not as good as cquartz, but I love tight beading action that you get from a high quality carnauba. :)
  14. PSargo

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    System X Element 119 is the Best!
  15. Nar93

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    A normal automobile paint will have a service life of ten years at the minimum. If it is a premium vehicle, the service life can be the double of that our more easily. Adding another coat over the paint is not going to help much. On the other hand, the protective coating that is applied at the service centres can fail because either it is not compatible with the original paint, or the coating does not have enough weather resistance which leads to premature failure. The paint that is applied by the manufacturer is very sturdy. The paint is tested for resistance to dog pee and bird droppings (just to say the extent to which the thought process has gone while formulating the paint). An after market product can never match the performance of an OEM coating. Most of the times, the protective coating offered by the dealers are meant to increase their portability and not to help the customer.

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