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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by Envious Eric, Dec 10, 2013.

  1. Envious Eric

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    don't say folex or APC+

    Looking for a carpet cleaner that can be used with a bissel machine. I don't do a lot of interior cleanings, mainly paint correction and coating work....I sub out all my interior jobs. Trying to help that guy get the most useful product. Sometimes APC+ wont work.

    looking for something low sudsing as well!


  2. TurboJoe

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    I spray the all purpose cleaner directly onto the carpets, along with some foaming cleaners on tough stains. Allow it to soak in a few minutes, then scrub with a carpet brush (hand or machine). Then using only water, extract the carpets. Instead of running the chemicals through the machine and leaving them in the carpets, your extracting all the chemicals out and leaving a clean surface. Plus the cleaner has more contact time with the carpet, allowing it to do it's job better.

    If he still wants to run something through the machine, try Zep's commercial extractor carpet cleaner found at Lowe's and Home depot. It's cheap, 1 gal. dilutes to like 25, and it works pretty well. Just use the recommended amount, or it will foam up on you.
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  3. Pureshine

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    You can use Folex with it or I use Capture steam cleaning soap from Home Depot.
  4. JSF721

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    You need a low foam extraction chemical for use in your machine. I would go to a jan San house a d get a gallon of extraction shampoo and some deformer. The deformer goes in the dirty tank to break the foam caused by the previous detailers apc.

    Good luck
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    MGEVOX New Member

    I have had good luck with 1z plastic deep clean with the method turbo joe speaks of but I haven't done a ton of cars either.
  6. Meticulous-Detail

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    I have the Bissel Auto Pro-Heat and use the same method as turboJoe and EVOlved with Megs APC+. I also like Megs D102 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner.
  7. Stokdgs

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    What does "that guy" your Interior Detailer, already use ??
    Dan F
  8. Envious Eric

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    megs APC+ and usually at a 4:1 ratio...spray one scrub, extract with a bissle.

    Did a car the other day and it was horrible to start, and ended up not so bad, but not good enough IMO. 3 hours on the carpets alone is too much time for not to bad results IMO. 1.5 should be the ballpark for carpet cleaning I would think, then 1-2 hours for the rest of the interior...NO? So a FULL interior detailing done in about 4 hours total on a 4 door car.??? (one person)
  9. Joseph Rogers

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    Janitorial house, or this stuff:

    and a wee little bit of this:

    The first is a good prespray that isn't too aggressive, but still strong enough to do a good job. The second is a high quality d-limonene product (not cut with any ethyl-methyl-badstuff) which is a degreaser made from orange peels. Leaves a nice scent.

    Mix the ZP according to the label. Add 1-2 oz per gallon of the Citru-Solv, which gives you a de-greasing boost, as well as cuts down significantly on foaming. Extract thoroughly with a clearwater rinse.
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