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    Hi All, well I started learning/doing DA polishing about 9 years ago when I bought a MKIV VW R32. I have a 7424XP and the gamut of Uber Pads (Yellow, orange, green, blue, black).

    I won a contest on another site and got a full kit of the Pinnacle XMT polishes around that time and they worked great. However looks like they are out of production and am now a DD fanboy as Phil sponsors a VW event I organize every year.

    So I recently purchased a 1999 BMW M3 is fairly good condition but definitely needs a good cut/polish. Looks like technology and compounds have changed quite a bit since then. I attempted to do my daily driver GTI this weekend with what compounds I had left but were overly dusty, hard to remove with MF towels and didn't remove all the swirls, removed some but not all. So I want to just get all new compounds to do the M.

    I see a lot of people using the Megs M105 M205 combo and the reformulated Adams stuff. Would M105 yellow pad followed by M205 green pad produce the correct results?

    Can anyone offer any recommendations?

    Here's a pic of the M3:

    Here's a pic of some of the swirls left on the GTI: (Lady I bought it from had an unlimited pass to a local car wash, so it was pretty swirled)

    Thanks for your help.
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    Thank you sir! Ordering now.

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