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  1. grease

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    Hey guys. Im surprising my parents for their anniversary with a full detail on their boat. The problem Im having is removing the vinyl. Its going very slow. I can only remove a inch or 2 inchs at a time before the vinyl rips and/or falls apart. Any suggestions on how I can remove bigger strips at a time?

    To give you an idea on how long this boat sat outside unprotected, I need Powergloss x2 with 4" PFW to get through the oxidation. BRUTAL! :)

    Thanks for your help!

    *Apparently Im either inept with a laptop or you just can't bold in the title...I think it gets my point across tho. :)
  2. Stems

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    Hmm, do you have any pictures to better illustrate what's happening?

    Also, great idea for an anniversary surprise :D
  3. Spyral

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    I have had this same exact experience with my parents boat. The vinyl just kept cracking apart when I tried peeling it off. I tried everything, even heating it up with an industrial heat gun! Nothing worked, I had to go at it a few inches at a time until it was done. I think the vinyl loses all of it's elasticity after a while and becomes that brittle. Good luck!
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  5. Nontoxic

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    My wife has a sign shop and uses a heat gun followed by a staight razor. Steamer would be good too. You need to be careful. You will also need an adhesive remover as well to remove the glue. 3M makes a pretty good commercial adhesive remover. Take your time and good luck.
  6. grease

    grease Birth of a Detailer

    Steaming didnt touch this vinyl. I dont even need adhesive remover, as its completely dried and brittle. A heat gun almost touching the vinyl didnt do anything, either.
  7. grease

    grease Birth of a Detailer

    Hadnt heard of these. Thanks!

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