Auto Finesse Avalanche in Glimour Foam Gun

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  1. brettyboy56

    brettyboy56 Virgin Detailer

    Alright, so im hooked on a bunch of the Auto Finesse Products (Good Stuff) so i decided to buy a 5 liter of avalanche to use in my spray gun. Well the results werent nearly as great as i've seen from a foam lance. Has any one had success with a specific mixing ratio in the Glimour foam gun?

    Let me know!
  2. kaiten408

    kaiten408 Jedi Nuba

    I haven't actually tried Avalanche yet, currently I'm using Chemical Guys Mr. Pink in my Gilmour. I usually use about 2-3 oz. and fill the rest with water. I could probably step it up to about 4-5 oz. and get some really thick foam, but I haven't been able to try it yet.
  3. brettyboy56

    brettyboy56 Virgin Detailer

    Thanks Kaiten. How is the viscosity of My. Pink? So some reason i expected avalanche to be a lot thicker, but mine was really watery. A lot more so than the regular soap i use.
  4. BigAl3

    BigAl3 Birth of a Detailer

    if you want a thick pink soap that produces lots of foam/suds and is half the cost of by the gallon, pick up some 3D pink car soap which is $13.99 a gallon (it's priced just right). it's also a great maintenance soap as well...


    •Great for car washes, detailers, and more.
    •Concentrated soap
    •High Foam car wash shampoo
    •Rinses fast
    •Ph Balanced
    •Green and biodegradable car wash soap
    •Water saving product
  5. kaiten408

    kaiten408 Jedi Nuba

    Mr. Pink is definitely thicker than most soaps I have used, it likes to cling to the measuring glass (shot glass) I use.

    I've not used any of the 3D products, so I can't attest to the Pink Car Soap foaming capability, but that is a damn good price.
  6. brettyboy56

    brettyboy56 Virgin Detailer

    I did a maintenance wash on the wifes car and went without diluting it. Results were still less than impressive. No where near the 5 min cling time Detailers Domain gave it. Keep in mind, im using a foam gun, not a foam lance. I saw somewhere that a mixture withe Adam's car soap helped out a lot?
  7. xseveredveganx

    xseveredveganx Virgin Detailer

    I honestly don't see anything clinging for 5 minutes with a Gilmour. I've used Mr. Pink, Maxisuds 2, and Honeydew. None have clinged for more than a minute.
  8. kaiten408

    kaiten408 Jedi Nuba

    So I stepped it up to a whopping 8 oz. today (Chemical Guys Mr. Pink) and filled it up to the neck. I got lots of suds that went on fairly thick, but nothing like the foam cannon and not much of an improvement over 4 oz.

    I agree with xseverdveganx, you just not going to get anything clinging for extended periods of time, nor any foam like a proper foam cannon.
  9. BigAl3

    BigAl3 Birth of a Detailer

    comparing the foam you get from a foam cannon/lance to a foam gun (have both but mainly use the foam gun) is like comparing apples to oranges (the pressure washer will aerate the water & soap which will give it a thicker/tighter mixture consistency). i could never understand why some (or maybe most) would only use it only for a pre-soak. IMO it's a waste (not saying it's wrong, just trying to utilize the tool more). i not only would use it as a pre-soak, but to wash the car with it as well. since my car doesn't get really dirty as it's washed weekly most of the time, i usually will pressure wash off any dirt and then use the foam gun and spray each each panel as i follow right behind it with my wash media. to each his or her own, i guess everyone has their own ways of doing things...

    p.s. rather than have to put soap in the container each time, put around 5 ounces (maybe more, you'll have to experiment) in an empty water gallon jug and fill the rest with water, shake well and fill it from that...
  10. brettyboy56

    brettyboy56 Virgin Detailer

    Thanks for the tips guys. I guess it was wishful thinking. After my two attempts with avalanche, i debated buying a pressure washer but it would be a little hard to manage living in a highrise like mine. I guess ill just have to deal.


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