Audi Fine Nappa Leather Care Kit

Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by agpatel, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I am looking for leather care kit (products) to use on the 2016 Audi S3 with the S-Sport seats that has "fine nappa leather". I am under the assumption that it is not fully coated and thus does absorb some liquid but looking to use something to help keep it clean and supple. I know creasing, especially on bolsters, is not preventable but like to minimize them as much as possible by keeping it conditioned. I used Nanolex Leather Sealant when I first got it but thinking maybe a conditioning product would be useful in keeping it soft vs. just sealing it. Any ideas or recommendations especially from those who have this type of leather. I hear the Swissvax range (Cleaner, Glaze, Milk) is pretty good but also pricey once you add the three products up.
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    Not to resurrect an old thread, but this might be useful for others in the future. I contacted Audi North America about the Silk Nappa Leather after finding much conflicting information online. Here is their response:

    "[SIZE=10pt]Thank you for your patience as we looked into your inquiry.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10pt]After conducting further research, I was able to find out that our leather in our vehicles is not urethane coated. However, we always recommend using the Audi specified cleaner for the leather surfaces. That being said, it would be my pleasure to gift the cleaning product to you. Please allow about 5-7 business days for it to arrive to you."[/SIZE]

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