Audi A6 New Car Prep w/ Nanolex Si3D

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    Had a brand new Audi A6 come in for a New Car Prep and Si3D Nanolex Coating package recently.
    A major point of focus in new car preps with Audi's are: Adhesive Residue

    The paint regardless of how new it may be will still need to be cleaned, polished and prepped. These vehicles come wrapped in sticky plastic material and when removed by the dealers under most circumstances, a adhesive residue is still left behind on the paint work. It is essential to the coating process to fully machine polish all of the paint on the vehicle before applying any coating. (We did a 2 step polishing process on this Audi A6) Followed up with Nanolex EX to remove any left over oils & residues from the polishes.

    Residues from the same material can be found on the wheels as well. The Nanolex EX worked very well to remove the adhesive from the matte wheels on this detail as well as delivering a thorough prep before applying coating. (Si3D)

    If you've ever purchased a new Audi and was unhappy with the performance from your window treatments? It's most likely caused from the adhesive residue left behind. (Even with a trained eye its difficult to see) Most would never know it's there. Not properly prepping the windows (glass) will diminish the life of a protection product. Example: Something that is suppose to last 6 months may only last 3 months. We used Nanolex Glass Polish to prep the glass

    Once All the prep work was done. Nanolex Si3D Coating was applied to the paintwork and wheels. Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant for the window treatment.

    The car came out better than new and now with protection that will last for a great deal of time!

    Upkeep with Nanolex Pure Shampoo and Final Finish will be all that's needed for the next 18-24 months under normal driving routines.

    Some Pics of the final results

    [​IMG]Nanolex Si3D Paint Protection by Brian Guy, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Nanolex Si3D Paint Protection by Brian Guy, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Nanolex Si3D Paint Protection by Brian Guy, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Nanolex Si3D Paint Protection by Brian Guy, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Nanolex Si3D Paint Protection by Brian Guy, on Flickr

    [​IMG]Nanolex Si3D Paint Protection by Brian Guy, on Flickr

    Thanks For Viewing
    Brian Guy / aowheels
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    That's looks killer! Nanolex has really peaked my interest after getting a bottle of their interior cleaner and wash coat in a mystery box.
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    that looks great! we have been installing Nanolex on cars for a bit now and this product produces some stellar results.
  4. Great looking car. Looks fantastic!
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    I don't see it in the store is this not for the faint of heart.....
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    I appreciate all the kind words! Thank You!

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