Anybody try Majestic Solutions new wax - Deep Wet ?

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  1. junebug

    junebug Jedi Nuba

    Hey, I know there are a few NC guys on this forum that use Majestic products, looking at you Bunky! so I'm either going to pick up a pint of Deep Wet or Menzerna Power Lock tomorrow. I'd like to hear from the crew what ya'll think. I hope somebody has tried this new stuff. IMHO - Majestic has some excellant products, and they have some not so good too. I'd really like to know more before risking it!
  2. junebug

    junebug Jedi Nuba

    114 views and no comments........
    ok, I bought it, tried it and here's the good and bad:
    good - easy to apply, shine and gloss is excellant, and duribilty seems to be heading that way too
    bad - the smell, it's like a varnish kinda smell, not as bad as that gag inducing Poxy but not sweet either, and grabby to remove
    Wife loves it on her blizzard pearl Highlander, and when momma's happy - everyone is happy!
  3. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    Thanks for the review. MS products have been on the down low for a while. I still have some of their stuff and it's actually pretty decent.
  4. junebug

    junebug Jedi Nuba

    Update: It's been about 6 weeks now and a few washes on it and I have to say, IT LOOKS GREAT!
    The dirt doesn't seem to stick as bad and washing seems easier, plus the shine is better than anything
    I have used on this SUV. That includes BFWD, Poxy, Dodo waxes, AG HD wax, and others. It really is
    a mixed blessing, on 1 hand the results are great, on the other - jeez this stuff is tough to wipe off and
    the smell is strong. I guess I need to play around with the technique more, I did do a wipe on wipe off
    on a truck tailgate, still a little grabby. Next time I'm at MS, I'll get how they do it and try again.
    Honestly though, for the money, it's a winner!
  5. SoCal Garage

    SoCal Garage DB Forum Supporter

    Good to know. Here's a description from their website:

    Majestic Solutions DEEP WET Wax is a hand-crafted blend of carnauba wax, Super Polymers, and proprietary ingredients that yield unequaled shine and protection. Our unique formula fuses the best attributes of carnauba wax and paint sealants to create the ultimate car wax. Majestic Solutions DEEP WET has been enhanced for a more intense wet look and improved slickness.
  6. junebug

    junebug Jedi Nuba

    Well, damn - still looks great and I say that even when it needs washing. It's like ok- stuff works, but my God, I hate that smell and it's such a PITA to wipe off. Is it worth it?
    If you had the chance to spend a "romantic" weekend with (fill in you own fantasy ok) and you KNEW your wife would find out? Would you do it? I'm thinking yeah - Ms Beckinsale better take vitamins heh heh, and I think the wife would say - whatever, and forever wonder how that happened!
  7. junebug

    junebug Jedi Nuba

    Update - ok, Highlander still looks great and I decided to try DW wax again. This time, a little white Pontiac Vibe. The car is mostly plastic at the bottom so it's hood and top for big areas and skinny sides. I'm thinking it's little, so go for it. I tried varying techniques and finally hit on one that works:
    Apply with a soft foam pad - I used a gray one, via PCXP speed 3,
    Work it in till it looks transparent on surface
    IMMEDIATELY - wipe off with MF towel
  8. junebug

    junebug Jedi Nuba

    More Updates: Highlander STILL looks great, many washes later and even the sides are still beading. I decided to put a coat on my daughter's car. It was about 60-65 degrees, cloudy and low humidity, I applied with my PCXP, speed 2.5, gray pad, really worked in the wax till it was just a thin film. I let it cure about 2-3 minutes and it wiped off with no issues. Still has that varnishy smell but, I'm diggin that look and long lasting ability.

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