Any ATV trouble shooters here....

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Al-53, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Al-53

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    ok..I rebuilt my ATV over the fall..did the top end and all new gaskets and plastic body parts...

    its a 1987 Suzuki lt250 4x4...its ran great since...the other day I shut it off..went to start it to plow the driveway no start...I pulled the plug..spark...not a strong one but enough..maybe...I took the coil out and ohmed it out and right to specs...I bought a new spark plug boot..plug and new coil start...took the carb apart no blockage...all orfices free flowing...I just rrebuilt it in Nov just checked to see if I goofed..but was ok...

    any ideas...

    I hope its not the CDI unit or magneto...I have a spare CDI..but a bitch to get at...I put it in the garage to thaw..and may attempt the cdi...

    its snowing like a mad man out now...

  2. boogiejoe

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    You could try another plug, first. Go with the easiest and most obvious. You may want to check all of your grounding connections. If there is any corrosion it could prevent it from starting. If you just rebuilt it, double check any fasteners to see if something may have vibrated loose when it was running. Make sure the battery connections are tight, if it has one. Let me know.
  3. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    the machine has run great for the last 3 months....all grounds are tight...I have tried a new plug and also ne plug wire...all fastners are loctited ..battery is tight...

    its just a weak spark..will not pop the fuel mix...and the coil checks out on a meter to factory specs..I am stumped am going to meter out the CDI unit tonite and get some OHM readings...and see if that may be it

  4. Sparkie

    Sparkie Wax on..Wax off

    Fuel filter? Bad gas? The reason I'm saying that is because it happen to a one of my buddy's bike...
  5. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    Well today I worked on the ATV some more..did tests a second time and all tested fine....after putting the carb back on after a cleaning I tried to start popped a bit and I seen water come out of the I split the pipes..water came out....

    The night before it would not start we had snow and driving rain..well my cover blew off and I guess water went in the exhaust..and settled in the pipe..and when I tried starting it it sucked in fine water mist and was shorting the plug out....

    I blew the combusrtion chamber out...and spray alcohol in it to absorb any water...and fired it up...and water was spraying out the muffler...its dry now...and new again

    Oh i forgot to mention..Tonya sent me some chips and i was nibbling on them and thinking on whats eating the chips made me take my time and find the problem...

    Thank Tonya for the Brain

  6. Tonya

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    :applause2: :yippie: That is great Al!! Glad to hear it!
  7. Divine Detail

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    Ahh man, that'd be the last thing I'd think of!!! Great work haha
  8. klumzypinoy

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    Haha Tonya's chips saved Al some headache. It's a good thing ur ATV's fixed now :)
  9. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

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    Glad to see you got it fired up Al!!!

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