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  1. S4 John

    S4 John New Member

    Hi guys,

    Hope you all had a happy new year. I'm in the market for a small polisher for tight areas and I have some carbon fiber engine covers (delicate) that I would like to do some correction on. Right now I have a 6" DA and it is too big for a lot of tight areas. I've been doing some research and I haven't found much on an alternative. I know rupes offers some less expensive compressed air sanders/polishers like the TA50. However, I don't have a compressor that could supply enough air to power the tool.

    I am just a weekend warrior and do not professionally detail. So, the $590 price tag seems to be a lot for something I might pull out a couple times a year. I was just wondering if there are any alternatives out there? I know there are some 3" da's, however, I think I am looking for something a little smaller.

    If the rupes is the best option I'll just save up and bite the bullet.

    Thanks for your input!

  2. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator


    Great to hear from you, which cars are you working on? Also which machine do you currently own?

    The Ibrid is great and does wonders but it's not necessary especially if you don't do this for a living.
  3. S4 John

    S4 John New Member

    Hey Phil,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I am working on my B5 S4 Avant and my E90 335i M sport. I have some used RS4 engine covers that I would like to correct. I am also planning on purchasing an 034 X34 intake, which I will correct and apply a coating to protect it. I am currently using a Torq 22D with the Uber foam pads from you. I really want to get a Rupes 21 Mark II. But, the 22D is working fine for the moment. The tough areas for me is the door handles, a pillars, parts of both the bumpers, under the roof rails, and the side skirts. I also correct my dad's F-150 lightning every once in a while.

    B5 S4 Avant:
    RS4 Engine Covers:
    E90 335i M Sport:
  4. TheDetailer718

    TheDetailer718 New Member

    I recently came across a post from another forum. Someone retrofitted a dremel to hold a backing plate with Velcro on it. He then custom cut his own pads to fit that piece. I believe he made custom 20mm pads.
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  5. S4 John

    S4 John New Member

    That's a good idea. I was also looking into cordless drill backing plates. I am just a little worried since both those dremel and drill idea are rotary since I'm not a pro and don't have the necessary training/skill.
  6. S4 John

    S4 John New Member

    Hey guys,

    Just a quick update, this is the setup I went with:

    1" Mirka Backing Plate

    Assortment of Buff Daddy 1" Pads

    I am going to go to the hardware store once the backing plate comes in to figure out a 1/4-20 thread drill attachment option. I am also going to send Kevin an email. Maybe he can make me something like the adapters for some of the machines he offers.
  7. killerheroin

    killerheroin New Member

    If you have a air compressor you can pick up a inexpensive Air powered da polisher for about $100 - $150.00 that plus the pads and backing plates that "S4 John" suggested above from buff daddy would be a great combination.

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