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  1. edl

    edl New Member

    i have a 6" rotary polisher and am looking to get a random orbital polisher for smaller spots

    at the moment i am looking at the rupes 15, 75 or 75 pneumatic

    i am trying to avoid overlapping what the 6" rotary does as much as possible - so using the new one for sharp peaks (66 vette fender) where i would be nervous to damage the paint, small spots, some bright work

    i am curious to know what you guys think might be the ticket

    this is for personal use only

  2. Legacy99

    Legacy99 Wax on..Wax off

    Rules 15 would be my choice. For curves, you can't beat the Rupes Mini.
  3. edl

    edl New Member

    Thanks Legacy99
  4. edl

    edl New Member

    I have heard some say that the 21 with a 5" backing pad gives the coverage of the 15 with the power of the 21 - the company, however, says it does not "recommend" using the 5" backing pad with the 21 - they wouldn't quite say why though.....
  5. aowheels

    aowheels DB Pro Supporter

    The new Mark II 15 would be my alternative based off of what you'll need it for! It will handle the contoured areas better than the earlier model.

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