Advice Requested for 2005 BMW Jet Black Sedan

Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by mercury26, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. mercury26

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    I recently acquired a 2005 BMW 300i Sedan painted in Jet Black. I swore that I would never own another black car, but the car was too good to pass up. With that being said, I need to do some paint correction, polishing and waxing and would like to get some advice. For years, I used local car care products from Prima Care while they have some really good stuff it feels like I should try some new products. After some research, here is what I am looking at for paint correction and protection.

    Wash (soap either BMW, Sonax Gloss or Prima Mystique) with Two Bucket Method

    Waffle Weave Dry

    Menzerna FG400 or PF2500 w/ Yellow Pad

    Menzerna SF4000 w/ Green Pad

    Menzerna Jescar Power Lock w/ Black Pad (or maybe Sonax Polymer Net Shield)

    Is it good to foam soap the car? How much soap do I load in the foamer?

    I have a Porter Cable 7336 polisher, but considering upgrading to something newer. The Flex Tool XC 3401 VRG Orbital Polisher looks interesting, but maybe I am good with what I have already.

    What speed should I set my Porter-Cable 7336 for each step?

    I appreciate some advice.


  2. Mbkite

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    For me I would go fg400 oarnge uber pads full speed on the pc.
    Than white uber pad with Nanolex nano 1 speed 3 or 4
    But first hit it with Nanolex iron remover and clay it.
    Note you will love nano 1 as your lsp..
  3. GDAL

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    IMO, the biggest issue with soft paint like jet black is finding a microfiber towel and wiping method that won't marr your paint during wipedown. I have found that following Kevin's Brown M205 KBM method is extremely effective. In a nutshell, you add 12 drops of M205 in a 32oz bottle with distilled water. This water/M205 has enough cut to remove light marring (that come from MF towels) and the residue is almost non-existent as it is water. The less polish residue you have to wipe, the better chances you have to having flawless paint. This process is messy, but it works wonders. Larry Kosilla has a youtube video called water polishing explaining the process in detail. Also keep in mind that quality short-nap towels are a must too. Good luck!!
  4. awdxtc

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    What condition is the paint in? The nice thing about fg400 is the long working time and it finishes down so well you might not need a really fine polish.

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