Adam's Super VRT

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  1. Sizzle Chest

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    Adam’s Super VRT

    Water Repellent Vinyl, Rubber and Tire Dressing

    I have been using Adam’s Super VRT for a many years now. I used to use his old version, VRT, prior to using the Super VRT.

    I mainly use it as a tire dressing. It has a great look to it after it is applied to properly cleaned tires. It has a pleasant smell and a great almost gel/thick cream like consistency. It lasts for quite some time, even down here in very rainy SW Florida. It is water repellent that is for sure; you can see the water bead up on the tires after it rains or they get wet.

    Adam’s Super VRT is one of my go to tire dressings.

    Give it a shot, you will not be disappointed!




  2. detailersdomain

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    thanks for sharing. I would agree Adam's Super VRT is our go to tire dressing.
  3. Priyaka

    Priyaka New Member

    Lots of VRT products out there. This is still one of the best.
  4. Schell21

    Schell21 New Member

    Well said Sizzle Chest - I dilute Super VRT 1:1 and spray my wheel wells also!

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