Acid rain pitting

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  1. chupr0kabra

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    Hey everyone. So, I've spent a long time working on my car (2006 Black C6), and while I'm happy overall with the swirl removal and the surface gloss, I've got tons of pitting all over the car. From some reading I've done, it appears to be acid rain damage. Is there a polish/pad combination I can use to correct this, or am I stuck doing either a wet sand or a total re-clear?

    You can see the pitting I'm talking about in this picture (near the light).


    It's pretty bad all over, and no matter how many layers of various products I apply, I can't seem to fill them. They just get really shiney!

    I have a Flex 4301 and an old PC (non XP). I have a myriad of pads and polishes available, such as Menzerna SIP, PO85RD, Meguiars M105, M205, Adams Paint Correcting Polish, Adams Finishing Polish, orange pads, white pads, and Adams MF pads. I've thrown everything I can think of at this, but the spots just won't correct. It's very possible it's a technique issue, but it's also very possible I'm just going to have to live with the spots.

    Any help would be appreciated!


  2. Dellinger

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    I'm in the same boat... all horizontal surfaces on my truck are the same way. I took off .3 mils w/ a MF pad and HD Cut. Little dimples were left all over. I decided not to chase them after seeing how much clear I took off.

    My LSP was Megs UW. In the sun they are hard to see... so it filled them a little. But under HOT5s... they are very apparent.

    Interested in other's thoughts as well.
  3. chupr0kabra

    chupr0kabra New Member

    My LSP is Blackfire Wet Diamond topped with Blackfire Midnight Sun. I've also tried layering in some Meg's #7 as a filler, but that just made everything very glossy. Usually, that's a good thing, but when the gloss catches the dimples, it really makes them stand out to me. My friends think I'm crazy, but many of you are probably of a similar mindset to me: If I can fix it, I can't live with it.

  4. chupr0kabra

    chupr0kabra New Member

    I tried to take a better picture this evening. You can see what I'm taking about in this pic:


    Zoom in as much as possible and look at the circled area. All those little spots aren't dust, they're pits. The whole car is covered with those. It looks great in the shade, and from about 20' away, but when you get close or in direct light, there are tons of little spots everywhere.

    Any ideas?

  5. David Fermani

    David Fermani DB Certified Manufacturer

    No way of leveling the pits unless you remove the paint around it to the same level as the pits. Not gonna happen. Those are deep.

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