A Few Items - Auto Finesse, Meguairs, Mothers, Sonax, Uber

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  1. Just a B8

    Just a B8 New Member

    I have the following new items for sale:

    Auto Finesse Power Seal - $25
    Meguiars Pad Conditioner Brush - $10
    Meguiars Scratch X2.0 - $5
    Mothers California Gold Clay Bar - $20 (Lubricant Spray, 15x15 microfiber towel, two 80 gram clay bar)
    Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner - $10
    Uber 3" Inch Backing Plate - $10

    First one to ask for it with a purchase if they want it get a 2 fl ounce of Wolfgang Concourse Deep Gloss Sealant.

    I made sure that these are on or below retail prices. Items are located in North Jersey if anyone local wants these.
  2. dsg03gt

    dsg03gt Virgin Detailer

    Where in North Jersey? Interested in the sonax full effect.

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