650rwhp Black Raven Cadillac CTS-V Paint Correction

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    A former G8 owner brought me his Black Raven CTS-V Friday and told me he would be back on Sunday evening to pick it up.

    The car arrived right after a random shower so it was hard to tell what condition the paint was in before he went to work; overall, it looked pretty good.


    The car had the emblems and various trim plasti dipped matte black. It looks great, but whenever there is plasti dip, there is overspray.

    Clay bar from the door, notice all the chunks of plasti dip in the clay.


    After the clay, the car started to look pretty good in natural daylight. I did notice there were lots of water spots and etchings, but I was thinking it may not be that bad.

    When I turned on my lights, I found that wasn't quite the case.

    Condition of the paint:




    Overall, the car obviously needed work, like most black cars that are a few years old.

    50/50 of the fender after initial compounding:


    Once I got the combo nailed down, I went to town on the whole car. I would like to say it went by fast, but with the temps outside in the 90s and who knows what in the garage, constant water breaks were needed.

    A-pillar before; notice the plasti dip overspray


    A-pillar after


    Rear fender after Sonax Perfect Finish final polish and sealant applied.


    Few reflection shots. The black took on a deep rich look after final polishing and sealant.



    Finally complete


    The owner took me for a quick spin in the car and it was a complete blast. This particular car made right at 650 rwhp so it was quite the experience :)

    Quick picture of the completed car out in the sun.

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    Nice job sweet ride !!
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    Great work! I love that last shot!
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    Wow that was hammered great save!
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