~$300 budget, what should I get?

Discussion in 'Compounds, Polishes, Paint Cleaners, and Glazes' started by hippiesrock03, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. hippiesrock03

    hippiesrock03 Virgin Detailer

    I need a polisher, polishes, pads, and whatever else you can think of. I have LSP's, but I'm always open to recommendations.

    Considering one of the PC bundles on Detailer's Domain.

    My car is a 2011 Gti, black.
  2. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

  3. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    ^^ that is a very very good deal......... when you choose your pads if you get this kit, get two green two orange and a black pad, that would get your through anything.

    Plus dont forget your DB discount code!

    1zglanz wax is my go to wax, durability is fantastic and makes metal flake pop.
  4. mrd0t

    mrd0t Obsessive Detailer

    Looks like a great deal! Go for it!
  5. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Did you go for it?

  6. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    not sure I just saw this now.
  7. hippiesrock03

    hippiesrock03 Virgin Detailer

    Would you guys recommend the PC over the Griots DA? That lifetime warranty seems really good.

    And also could I put the 1z glanz on top of a Klasse sealant?
  8. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    you can use 1Z over klasse, but its redundant, 1z is outstanding by itself, you can also layer it if needed.
  9. hippiesrock03

    hippiesrock03 Virgin Detailer

    Thanks! Will this kit be enough to get most, if not all the fine swirls out?
    I've never detailed with a DA before.
  10. Gale Force

    Gale Force Obsessive Detailer

    Yes, that is a quality kit. Good price and excellent materials. Easy to grow with if you choose, but not necessary.

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