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  1. carguy461

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    Had a 2 vehicle detail today, my process to try, see if any time would I save by doing 1 step vac 1st vehicle then move to 2nd vehicle do the same, glass 1st vehicle then move to 2nd vehicle, wipe down with apc 1st vehicle, then 2nd vehicle the same..and then so on..until interior is done.. then exterior same process move one to the other...apply sealant to one and then to the other one....what process do you guys use when you have 2 vehicles to do full details? I did a lexis RX 350 Suv, Mini Cooper car...total time for both 7 hours..Like some feed back on this topic...Thanks..:shead:
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    While I've never had 2 details lined up like that, what you are doing sure does sound like a sound process. Instead of switching gearsbetween the 2, you just keep all the "tools" you have out and transfer the process between cars. If you have the time luxury to do them this way, i would say that you're spot on.

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    Park them carefully. If you park them parallel in opposite directions it can be very helpful because it is easier to work on them at the same time that way. You can easily work the two interiors at the same time depending on on how delicate the interiors are. Example would be to spray down a door panel with your APC scrub it and let it dwell then do the other vehicle and then wipe down the first car and proceed to the second car. The trick with two vehicles is to never wait on products to work for you but instead work at the same time as your products.
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    Yea that is what I thought, while I have the tools out just continue to the next one,, no what I would like to know would you do it this way? or others do it this way..?:applause2:
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    I did it this way once. I paid off big time.... one was a very muddy and dirty Subaru STi and the other was a Dodge Dually.

    The dodge wasn't as dirty as the Scooby, but because of its size, it took as long as washing the cab as it did washing the whole Scooby, after rinsing both cars down, i let foam(from a poor quality foam gun) dwell on the Scoobie, i immediately went to washing the cab(front half) of the truck down as soon as i was able to rinse the dodge down, i then moved to the Scoobie washing it down. and then dry the scooby down and back to washing the dually.

    Once both were dry i immediately went to spraying dressing to the fender wells and tires letting them soak while i clayed both vehicles. after washing both at once, ugh again, i sprayed some more dressing and went to interior, surprisingly neither was too bad, so they just recieved a light vacuuming and a spritz of APC on the panels.

    after that was done, i wiped down all dressed surfaces with my "wheels and wells" bag of old towels and then ran one clean towel afterwards to get a nice even and clean look.

    neither needed LSP as i had worked on them one month prior as i had applied Collinite 915 and 845
  6. carguy461

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    I did it sort of like that, it worked good for me.. heck this morning did another Lexis Suv Sunday morning, did all vac, then glass, then apc one section at a time then dressed the area, applied leather conditoner, went to next section, and did the same thing, not just doing the whole wipedown of the vehicle then go to the next step,,I had everything with me seemed to work fine..probably saved about half hour on total detail I did engine too...I might be doing this way now...took me 4 hrs total..ave $43 an hour...not bad...thanks:applause2:

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