2-step polish on black Range Rover

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  1. RaskyR1

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    A good client of mine had scheduled this job for a 1-step polish a while back. Unfortunately he had to drop it off while I was not there (I was working at my regular job) as he was heading out of town for a few days. I stopped at the shop over my lunch break to check it out and to pull it inside....immediately I new a 1-step was not going to get this thing to where we wanted it to be and I contacted him to discuss the issues I was seeing. There was heavy swirling and some sort of chemical staining/oxidation all over the vehicle (likely from touch-less washes). One thing I really wanted to do was utilize the MF pads ability to get it close to edges on this vehicle. Foam pads often have a rounded edge which prevents them from getting in real close like MF pad can. This was very important around areas like the door handles and the top edge by the windows as I has to cut away the oxidation and staining.

    Before pics (I was pressed for time on this job so the pics are limited)

    Close up of staining

    Paint looking dull and stained

    Sonax FE doing work!

    Cropped pic to better show staining/spotting

    Paint wash washed with CGCW followed by IronX and TarX. Surprisingly IronX removed a lot of the staining that was on the paint! :)

    50/50 shots. Correction was achieved using D300/MF on the GG6, and Sonax Perfect finish/Tangerine LC on the GG6.


    It was getting dark when I finished and the owner was on his way so the only lighted after shots I had were the 50/50 ones. :(

    LSP was Blackfire Wet-Diamond (2 coats). Trim was coated with 22ple. I actually did do a full interior on this as well, but chose not to take pictures as I was pressed for time and it wasn't too dirty inside.

    Finished pics







    Thanks for looking,
  2. kakeuter

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    Nice work Chad! Can't wait to start trying 22ple.

  3. RaskyR1

    RaskyR1 Jedi Nuba

    Thanks Kody! :)
  4. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    Very nice Chad. Looks mint. What are the differences between Opti Coat and 22ple?
  5. Chaseme

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    This is killer again Chad.

    I hope to use 22ple soon.
  6. kaisernaut

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    Look good Chad!!

    I used the 22ple the other day on silver g35, all I can said its the easiest coating to apply. It also give the car a glossy wet look too it. In term of durability it's around 18-24 months.

  7. RaskyR1

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    I can only comment on application, looks, and feel right now...I haven't seen any long term testing yet, but as Tuan stated, it supposed to last 18-24 months, where OG is permanent. In terms of application, looks, and feel, 22ple is better IMO. For long term durability I think OG is probably still king...only time will tell. ;)

    Thanks Chase! Let me now how you like it when you do.

  8. Pureshine

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    Looks great.
  9. rwisejr

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    You knocked another one out of the park !!!!
  10. GDAL

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    Amazing work!!

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