2 Questions: Flat black paint & Jumbo microfiber towel??

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  1. InsanePaint

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    I had my car transported recently, and there were some contaminated water stains on it's return voyage home, that settled on the roof. It was protected with Adam's Quick Sealant, but nonethless they etched a bit. I've hit em with IPA, and that diminished them slightly. But folks with my eye will still notice them.....
    Do you guys know of any way to remove them, obviously without polishing? Is there a product you guys have seen success with removing contamination from flat paint/clear?

    Secondly. I wrench on my own cars a bit, which includes leaning into the engine bay to some degree. And right now I'm KILLING my lower back from leaning over, without touching the paint. Do you guys know of a "jumbo" super-soft microfiber (say in the 24x36 or 36x36, etc) that wouldn't mar the paint, for when I need to lean on the ride? My babies are swirl-free and I'd like to keep em that way!!! So if it's not CRAZY soft, I'll stay away. But I just can't seem to find one in a bigger size.

    Thanks dudes!! :)
  2. Kilo6_one

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  3. JBiehl

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  4. Kilo6_one

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    Problem with those fender work mats is they generally are not Microfiber.........
  5. InsanePaint

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    bingo. :)
  6. Beachzone

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    Why not buy 4 of these and sew the edges together inward, so that they do not rub the paint while you lean on it. Super easy and a very inexpensive route to go! They are insanely soft imo.

  7. Bmer89

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    Get the giant Uber drying towel at detailersdomain, big soft and fluffy!
  8. InsanePaint

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    4 of what??
    Looking now......
  9. InsanePaint

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    PERFECT!!!! Thanks a ton!!!! :)

    K......now any advice for the contamination challenge on my flat black roof??
  10. Mpower4life

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    chemical guys water spot remover
  11. Beachzone

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  12. InsanePaint

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    Will take a look at that brotha! Right now I'm thinkin' Dr. Beasley's matte paint cleanser......

    Thanks for all the help everyone!!! :)
  13. JBlack151

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    Chase, please keep me updated on the results with this.
  14. Ralf

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    sub'd :)

    DJBAILEY Birth of a Detailer

    Just get a king sized plush micro fiber fleece bed blanket from Walmart. Fold it over 2-3 times until its the right size to flop over the fender. I swear the plush MF towels are just cut from those plush blanket sheets. They seem like the same material. I bet it would be cheaper than buying several big MF drying towels.
  16. Kilo6_one

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    "seems" you are probably right...............

    Problem with breaking down Microfiber from a large sheet is if you wash it, it will fray. I have tried this. Thus they either silk line it, or stitch it. Now if you can find a alterations place that is willing to stitch the edge you may be on to something.

    DJBAILEY Birth of a Detailer

    Yeah, I wouldn't be able to stitch a border on the edge myself either, if I was trying to make my own MF towels. The shag plush MFs that I have really do feel just like my MF blankets. As far as a fender cover though the edges of the blankets are folded over and hemmed. No exposed cut edges. Just fold it until its the right size. Should make for a decent cushion on top the fender if folded over 2-3 times.
  18. rfinkle2

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    p21s paint cleanser works wonders on water spots on my matte wrapped car.

    It leaves a blotchy finish, but a quick IPA wipedown gets rid of the blotchiness.

    It is the only thing I can find that will remove waterspots without damaging the finish.
  19. InsanePaint

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    Awesome info. Thanks a ton buddy. I have the Dr. Beasley's matte cleanser now. I just have to find time to try it. This time of year keeps me BUSY. If it doesn't work, I will be taking this advice. Thanks so much!! :)
  20. Ralf

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    anything on this yet chase?

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