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  1. agpatel

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    So, I was thinking of picking up a bottle of this. What do people think of it that have used it? What have you used it for, could you use it for stuff you would use P21s TAW for such as tires, suspension, wheel wells, and lower panels? I know of the recommended dilutions, but what are you using?
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    So far I have only used it twice, as a stripper wash solution. Not a bad product, but need to test it out more.
  3. agpatel

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    How much you use for stripping?
  4. Michael @ einszett

    Michael @ einszett DB Certified Manufacturer

    I tend to stay in the 1:10-1:30 range. For those of you not familiar with W99 here's some information.

    There is a variety of uses for it. I would suggest downloading the pdf file from the product page and I also attached it here.

    W99 is formulated for tougher stains and especially oil-based stains.


    -Cleaning oil and grease from the engine, shop floor, tools and machines.
    -Spot remover on upholstery
    -Wheel wells
    -Cleaning ceramic

    It's important to dilute according to the suggestions. W99 like all of our concentrated cleaners work best when mixed with water. So less water is not necessarily more cleaning power.

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  5. agpatel

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    Thanks, just what I was looking for...I guess I will try it out and see how it goes. If not Roger may get a PM ;) haha!

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