1 or 2 Grit Guards per bucket?

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  1. M3ride.

    M3ride. Wax on..Wax off

    Hey everyone,

    Just looking to see how many of you are using more than just one grit guard in both your wash and rinse buckets?
    Do you find having 2 grit guards in each bucket helps more to prevent those possible swirls and scratches induced by washing?
    Or do you think it is just a waste?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. trhland

    trhland Nuba Guru

    i just use 1 per bucket and i allways use 2 buckets.. . my neighbors allready think im nutts. if i use 2 grit gaurds per bucket them might commit my ass.... lol
  3. Misha

    Misha Nuba Guru

    have thought about same. picked up 2 megs yellow grit guards yesterday. maybe ill try using 2 in rinse bucket and one in wash bucket. thought about if you have gritguard just little higher in the bucket then it normaly would be genefitial
  4. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    I think if you use less water in your bucket it would give the same effect. Less water on top of the grit guard- the less movement the grit can have, and when it drops below, you cant pick it up. IMO, its a waste... forcing you to use more water in the end.
  5. oldcracker

    oldcracker Jedi Nuba

    I like using 2 in the rinse bucket so I don't have to reach down so far when agitating the wash mitt
  6. Frankastic

    Frankastic Detail Photographer

    same here!
  7. Bunky

    Bunky Guest

    Me too.

    If you are rinsing it right your wash bucket should be clean. I cannot attest to less swirls but it works. Yes, you end up having to put extra water to get about the 2nd grit guard.
  8. Paul S

    Paul S Birth of a Detailer

    I also only have one in each bucket but like you mention about two making it so you don't have to go all the way to the bottom of the bucket makes sense. Along that line of thought I have been looking at a product called the dirt dropper. Has anyone had any experience with this product ?
  9. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    If you get the Lowes buckets, for some reason they are narrower and the grit guard sits in the middle of the bucket........But I can see how two would acutally be benificial
  10. M3ride.

    M3ride. Wax on..Wax off

    I could see the dirt dropper working to some extent. But it looks like the dirt/grit would stay on top of the actual grit guard....as you start scrubbing.
  11. Paul S

    Paul S Birth of a Detailer

    Would a dirt dropper on top of a grit guard be overkill ?
  12. M3ride.

    M3ride. Wax on..Wax off

    lol I'd have to say major overkill..
  13. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    I think regularly dunking your wash tool is more beneficial.

    Generally, I dunk after each panel. But I flip the mit/sponge over during each panel too.
  14. luke093

    luke093 Welcome to Detailing

    I think it would not, think about it this way, the Grit Guard has fins that reach the bottom of the bucket to stop water from being able to circulate and be in motion under the guard. If it does not reach the bottom, it can still swirl around thus the grit is not fully trapped.

    This is just a theory, but its sorta makes sense for me.
  15. M3ride.

    M3ride. Wax on..Wax off

    Do any of you notice that with some 5gal. buckets the grit guard wobbles side to side when placed in the bottom?
  16. Misha

    Misha Nuba Guru

    ^^^good point luke

    with some year. i think its fine with home depot once
  17. JSF721

    JSF721 Jedi Nuba

    What about just adding posts to a nnornal GG?
  18. jaynick808

    jaynick808 Virgin Detailer

    i agree. if the fins dont reach the bottom it doesnt really stop the water from churning up grit.

    since regular 5 gallon buckets are hard to find in hawaii i started cutting off the outer ring of the grit guard and snapping off the support tabs so its about 3/4 inch less in diameter and will now rest on the bottom of the tapered bucket with very little wiggle room. to seal the bottom guard down i add a regular sized unmodified grit guard on top of it. the second guard seals perfectly and helps a lot as far as keeping grit down and slowing down water movement plus i dont have to reach down as far.
    i will post a pic when i get a chance to take one of the modified grit guards in the bucket.
  19. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    Do you have a home depot in Hawaii?

    Ranney at PakShak in Hawaii has done group buys for Grit Guard bucket system as well.
  20. Rcrew

    Rcrew Wax on..Wax off

    Same thing with Wal*Mart buckets. I wasn't expecting that to happen, but now that it has, I really like the GG sitting up higher.

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