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  1. D-Tiz
    Trying to wrap my head around it
  2. ShelbyMuscle
    Picked up the Shelby GT350 today. More Xpel film. This time on the rear bumper and trunk. Great work! Phil and his team are awesome.
  3. Trevor
    how do i upgrade my account
  4. Nathan_Lebrum
    how to post something
  5. lunapomin
    Today lots of work and very much Busy.
  6. Old School1980
    Old School1980
    Last 3 mouths nuts at the new shop cant what for Easter take 4 days off :)
  7. mikek82890
    mikek82890 BMWguy206
    Awesome seller A++++
  8. EFItech
    Detailing when it gets warm out.
  9. PhaseOneDetailing
    Excel to Perfection
  10. Civic13man
    gave him a simple wash. no biggy lol
  11. Civic13man
    Its too cold outside and my car is getting beat by the salt..... better heat up soon. 7 degrees
  12. Meticulous-Detail
    "The Prep makes the Pop, not what's on Top"
  13. ClearDetail
    Modesta Write up's coming soon!!
  14. Old School1980
    Old School1980
    late Nights new shop
  15. Meticulous-Detail
    "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines" Enzo Ferrari
  16. Bmer89
    Bmer89 Wolfs Chemicals
    Got anything for me??
  17. Bmer89
    Bmer89 Wolfs Chemicals
  18. Wolfs Chemicals
  19. Alex1389
    Alex1389 Wolfs Chemicals
    Im about to undertake a paint correction on my new black mk6 golf gti, will be using megs d300 menzerna sf4000, Auto finesse tough prep and tough seal, all will be applied with a collection of uber pads. My question is will Hb work well as final stage of sealing with the product lineup I'll be using
  20. cu2mike
    cu2mike vtec92civic
    Your inbox is full.......